BearDB SQL Guide

BearDB is a complete relational database system, and supports ANSI SQL. BearDB does not require learning a different grammar like XQuery or XPath.
BearDB is a fully self-contained database server that can be used in any moderm computing environment or mobile device. BearDB was built from the ground up, and is not based on any other database technologies or open-source database projects.
BearDB utilizes lightweight clients to send SQL queries and statements to a main server instance. The main server supports multiple connections from remote or local clients over TCP-IP using a user-configured port.

What can BearDB be used for?

BearDB can be used in any environment where a relational database is required. BearDB can handle hundreds of tables with large amounts of data and multiple concurrent users. BearDB is also well suited for small and embedded applications as the server is very compact and uses a minimal amount of memory for its runtime engine.
BearDB can be included with an application to act as a data store, or it can be used by a web-based application to persist dynamic data using REST or SQL.
BearDB is perfect if you need a compact, fast, and simple relational database that is easy to install and use.